Corporate Review

“Nickey was great. The magic was mind blowing, Everyone loved him. He was funny and just the right level of entertainment for our family oriented company picnic. He did some marvelous balloon twisting that was magical in itself. None of us could believe how quickly he conjured up such complex, original creations. Everyone agreed that we should definitely have him back so that we can see his stage show.” -Susan R

Europe 2017

Happy to participate in the 2017 World Championships of Street Magic in St. Wendel Germany in less than a week. Meeting new friends and catching up with old ones. St. Wendel is a cool little town that puts on a friendly magic competition/festival which draws thousands and thousands of visitors every year!


“Thank you for your wonderful talent and making my mom beam, smile and laugh like a little girl yesterday. I just wanted you to know that you made a difference in her life, and we thank you for that” -Michael B, Madison Wisconsin.

At the Library

“that was the most imaginative, fun and awe inspiring time we all just had” Brenda, Spring Green, Wisconsin

Library Show

“that was some of the best sleight of hand I ever saw” Sue D, Elm Grove Library, WI
You know you did a swell show when you get a comment like that, AND the kids come up afterwards to hug you:)

Random Fun Fact

Once lost, while biking through the mountains of Laos at night, with no food or water, Nickey Fynn rolled into a village and exchanged a nights rest + food and water for a magic show, in a sarong, under the moonlight. With no unnatural lighting, the moonlight provided more than enough light.

“It’s nice to see a family magic show that uses fresh material.  The way Nickey plays to the audience is also unique to his shows”  K Preece, Librarian

European Tour Confirmed

Two street performing festivals in Europe booked, plane ticket bought, all is confirmed. August is gonna be a great month in Europe with my street performing friends and audiences!

Birthday Magic Show Review

“Kids loved him. Very entertaining. Prompt, courteous and professional. All the kids asked him to come to their own birthday parties. We did not have parents stay for this party, but we regret that we didn’t. It would have been great for mixed ages. For a group get together of families, fabulous entertainment. He easily could handle a much bigger crowd than our 12 kids.”  -Betsy, Madison WI