Blue and Gold

I love performing for groups like the Boy Scouts. Always high energy, fun and inspiring. Here is what a father had to say after a recent show:

“we enjoyed it last year, but this year was even better!”
-Scout Den leader, 2018

Nickey Fynn and Charlotte

A lovely Sunday twisting balloons and came across Charlotte and family. They have been coming up for Saturday street shows for a few years now but since then I have been seeing them all around town:)! Great to see em’!

Shades of Grey

Had a wonderful corporate event with a very delightful magician and friend, Matthew Teague. First time in the Twin Cities, beautiful, I hope to be back! Uhh, bummer about the blurry photo.

Siam Street World Competition

Excited and beyond stoked to be performing in down town Bangkok, Thailand. If there was ever a time in my career to be ready to perform in the city I started in, this is it.

Early Promo…

Way back in 2006 I was working as a radio DJ in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This was my first promo I made for the station. You can’t really tell, but a card is floating between my hands…

Albuquerque NM Show!

Getting excited for the Hocus Pocus Magic Show this Saturday in Albuquerque. I’m totally unfamiliar with that part of America and blessed to be going!

Communicate your Humanity

Thanks for the unforgettable and wonderful experience in Ferrara, Italy with my son Nicolo’. I’ll never forget your caring attitude toward my little son and his proud expression while at night he wanted to sleep with the little mouse balloon you gave him! -Tamara